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Fear of loneliness
By Miembro de ArgentinoEnUSA
Posted: Tuesday, November 02 2010
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This is worse than being married to someone even worse than being with you do not like ugly and still the only out of pity, the thing is that I play all day for someone who does not want to, not because he has hurt, but not that I love madly and want to try to "fool" myself, saying that it is not.
I hope you (and only you know what I'm writing and because I do) never read this because you may hate me more than they already do, albeit often with our passionate kissing try to demonstrate that we are not filled anger, for each other, it forces you to cheat, force you to cheat, and all for what? For my fear of being cursed S O L A!
Yes, but only the 1, I have fear, I do not like to be, and this surrounded by people, every day I complaining, but it is addictive and as the song says Miranda! is not good either, so you wrap and let myself be enveloped by the familiar, so familiar, after each failure, with that beautiful baby and you are not, to the other that is equal, and with hundreds of others with whom I've tried, and the final failure and turn to your support, not to feel alone, and I know I'll be there whenever I want, but think I want and I want to believe that it is, to prove to my same as someone wants me and that such failures are not for me, but I know that deep down, hate me, earnestly, just as I do you, because for me the bitterness never have gone and my trips, turns and forth, I come, give me that never knew what I wanted, your lies, and being a more fully equal to the pile, and your deadly boredom, never took advantage of anything in front tapeworms. And then at the climax of my pure selfishness destroy you, slowly, I destroy it, and I destroyed myself, just for the fact of having chosen, and for allowing at some point you cross my path.

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